Inspector Scrambles: The Hard Way part 8

The Hard Way part 8

The 8th and last part of The Hard Way story. Scrambles is still in her cage, but we’re hopeful that she won’t need any additional surgeries and she’ll be out and exploring the apartment soon and finding new ways to get into trouble.

Start from the beginning: The Hard Way part one.

I hope to keep sharing funny and sweet moments in the lives of Miss Kitty (Minus) and Inspector Scrambles for a while yet to come.

It’s almost been a full year that I’ve been doing Inspector Scrambles. I’m considering revamping my website again to make it easier to look through the comics and make my portfolio more of a separate piece with its own identity. That’s a big project that’s been kicking around in my head, so we’ll see how much longer it takes to really happen.

Thank you for following the story of Scrambles rough few months. Her adventures continue next week.

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