Inspector Scrambles Solves Serial

Inspector Scrambles Solves Serial

This week, Inspector Scrambles sticks her pink nose into the case Sarah Koenig has been combing through on the Serial podcast.

The question that remains: will Inspector Scrambles ever share what she’s learned or will she remain yet another voice that goes unheard?

As there is no new Serial this week, it’s at least safe to assume that Inspector Scrambles can’t be much farther ahead than the millions of junior-sleuth listeners of Serial. Though, Inspector Scrambles has a long history of getting entangled in mysteries she’s not quick to comprehend.

In any case, it remains to be seen: Who’s the better detective: Sarah Koenig, her listeners or my cat who spends half of the day sleeping, the other half licking herself?

Save us all, Inspector Scrambles!

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