Inspector Scrambles Needs Your Help

Inspector Scrambles in the ICU

Inspector Scrambles in the ICU today.

This has been a very rough week.

Over this last weekend, Inspector Scrambles was stuck in a tree for more than 40 hours and every rescue attempt chased her higher and higher. It was pouring rain and she jumped from about three stories up, landing mostly on her right side.

Thankfully, we now live 5 minutes from the animal hospital so we were able to get her to a doctor quick.

We just moved to Gainesville, Florida. Drove down from NYC starting Friday and as soon as Scrambles got the chance after we arrived Saturday evening, she took off. We searched all over for her until we spotted her and chased her around under cars until she got spooked up a tree.

And now we need your help. She has two major injuries: one open fracture in her back right leg, one dislocation in her front right leg. She cut up her face too. She’s getting pain killers, blood work, CT scans, xrays and surgery and we need your help to pay the bills.

Please, if you can, help our kitty by donating or sharing the link to our GoFundMe page.

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