Single-page Comics

A lot of the comic work I’ve done doesn’t fit into a larger framework. Some of the single-page comics here are in more of a New Yorker or newspaper style. Some are simple shorts. Many were created in a hurried two weeks of Adventure School in Chicago.

Since April 2014, I’ve had an ongoing web comic Inspector Scrambles about the many mysteries in the life of a house cat.

Various Single-Page Comics, 2010-2012

1. Election Question. Reaction to the absurd debate over women’s health rights during the 2012 Election.
2. Asshole Musician comic made in a sleepy haze during Adventure School.
3. Attempts Towards a Scholarship. Summarizing debt after 4 years at a private college in one page. It’s hard to keep it light.
4. Life Lessons: Babies. What not to do, especially if you’re Voldemort.

LadyDrawers Survey: Anecdotes and Statistics Gags, 2012

Made at Adventure School for Ladies
A series of illustrated quotes from comic makers and rough statistics collected by the LadyDrawers.

Sorry, Katari Comics, 2010-11

The beginning of my comic making. I started with behind the counter anecdotes working the register at a plant store. The comics rapidly became an opportunity for me to make narratives of awkward conversations, anxieties and troubled partial relationships into stories rather than shameful memories. Making art and jokes from my failed interactions, from my hopeless hopes and my endless dreams was exactly what I needed. And this is how it started.