Multi-page Comics

While not strictly long-form, these are larger comic projects I’ve completed. I primarily work in what I’d call autobiographical-fiction. I admit I made adjustments or misremembered events.

A lot of my work has centered on my sordid and awkward relationship history, but in recent years I’ve moved away from that focus.

6 Times I Proved that I’m Not Productive Enough, 2014

A comic about anxiety for “Restless Minds” an anthology put together by Uppermind Ink. Premiering for pre-order at APE this year, “Restless Minds: A Comic Anthology.”

According to Uppermind Ink it’s about “being an artist can be hard and sometimes it causes anxieties of fears that get in the way of us creating. This anthology is about overcoming those anxieties to create amazing pieces of art and comics!”

More from Uppermind Ink: “28 pages, full color, packed full of amazing comics and illustrations!
Price: $8 + $5 Shipping/Handling. (If you’re in a different country we can figure it out!)
Official Release: October 15th, 2014!”
Email Uppermind Ink for more information until it’s available for sale.

David Wojnarowicz
a role model for the unheard, 2013

SPEAK UP tells two very different stories at once: my story as I seek to find my voice as an artist and the story of David Wojnarowicz. For those who don’t know about him yet, David Wojnarowicz was a gay New York artist in the 80s and an activist at the height of the culture war and the AIDS pandemic. This was a time when those dying of AIDS were unfairly stigmatized and were at best ignored; at worst, hated. A time when art was to be censored as obscene. Instead of accepting the injustices heaved upon him, David fought. And it has encouraged me to fight. And I hope his story encourages others.
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Sorry, Katari: The Dumps, 2012

Shown at Pitch & Rail’s PLEASE HOLD, New York, NY, Spring 2013
A three page comic. Has all the vague details of all the dumping that has occurred in my life.

White Slavery, 2012

Made at Adventure School for Ladies
Shown at Long-Arm Stapler First Aid Exhibition & Zine, Spudnik Press, Chicago IL, Spring 2013
A short comic about the history of white slavery. From an article by Nell Irvin Panter on the subject.

No Girls Allowed, Daily Comic Strip Series, 2012

Made at Adventure School for Ladies
See all 2 weeks worth
Part of a short series. The lead character, Sam goes undercover as a boy to join an all boys club in order to read all their comics.
One of my first comics in color, even if only for the “Sunday” comics. These comics were all made in roughly 24 hours.

Sorry, Katari, 2010-2011

Multi-page Sorry, Katari stories
Two Sorry, Katari stories. The first breaks down the “serious” relationships I’d been in. The second is about failed, awkward conversations that can be all too common with crushes.

Sorry, Katari: That’s Life, 2011

Read more with the interactive Flash piece
For my final project at Bennington College, I created an interactive Flash-based non-linear comic. The comic follows 5 time lines: Today, Last Week, Last Month, Last Year and Always. Each time line implies a typical day, week, month, a not so typical year and what just seems like always.
Within these stories, there are two threads “Crushes” and “Moving On.” Go to the end for descriptions of the symbolism and more about the project.
This was also made into a series of 5 accordion-style books, which when put together form a map of the Flash-based version.

Dario Argento’s Suspiria (1977) “A Walk with Death,” 2011

See the full comic
A comic recreation of the death of the blind man in Dario Argento’s Suspiria. This was made with a draw background texture with layered content combined in Photoshop. It was my first time recreating scenes and putting together such dark content.

Montreal: An Adventure of Spring Break Proportions, 2010

Made for class. Assignment: 3 panel comic. My project: 13 pages.
See the full comic
This comic tells the story of a wild and weird weekend in Montreal one October with 5 soon to be friends on a short break from college. Between car troubles, lost cards and bar-hopping, we lived it up and down for a couple of crazy days.