Comic Journal

I started drawing in a comic journal not long after I graduated from college. Since then, I go through phases of continual comic reflection or preferring to doodle from my imagination.

It can take me a while to be okay with sharing certain content from these journals. I try to update every now and again, though.

Daily Comic Journal, January 2014 – on going

I finally got back to (mostly) daily comic journaling through an assignment for Lynda Barry’s class that I saw on Tumblr. For a while, I followed that formula until, honestly, it got too depressing. My daily 2+ hours of commuting on the subway, my job where I mostly don’t talk to anyone: It just wasn’t what I wanted to pay attention to everyday.

So after a few weeks, I switched from chronicling to cartooning. And now it’s just what I want to preserve, not all the muddy details.

Fall 2013

Self-portraits on the subway and on a plane. What I wish I saw out the plane window. Plus, a little comic about me and my bf.

Summer 2012

Starting to recover from the disastrous end to a volatile and abusive relationship. Anxieties for future potential relationships. Existential exhaustion. Day-dreams and bad dreams.

Winter, Summer-Fall 2011

Some winter stories of a San Francisco adventure and a spooky late night walk on the Bennington College campus. Stories, feelings and jokes from a summer fling to my fall move to New York City.