SPEAK UP Kickstarter video, Summer 2013

Overview video for my Kickstarter campaign, over 100% funded, to get my full-color comic on David Wojnarowicz printed. Filmed with my cellphone camera, audio recorded through my MacBook Pro. Go low-budget everything.

9/11 Tribute Center Oral History Exhibit: National Guard and 9/11

I produced all 25 videos in this online exhibit under the supervision of my manager and CEO, in collaboration with colleagues using FCPX.

Preview for Sorry, Katari “That’s Life,” Spring 2011

Video with music by the Octopus Project for my interactive Flash-based comic. Shown at Animation Screening 2011 at Bennington College.
Learn more about the project >>
Check out That’s Life >>

All Too Simple Misinterpretations, animation, Fall 2010

Final animation at the end of my first animation course at Bennington College.
Getting involved with someone is only made harder when there’s no telling what you’re actually hearing. A Sorry, Katari report.
Music by Camper Van Beethoven

Recess(ion), animation, Fall 2010

Short animation, first hand-drawn animation for animation course.
A visual metaphor for the Great Recession.
Music by Camper Van Beethoven

Clash-Cats, datamosh, Fall 2009

A datamosh assignment from Hacking 101 course at Bennington College. Not available on YouTube in the US or Germany for copyright violation.
In this assessment of the ridiculous nature of the Clash’s video for “Rock the Casbah,” I removed the commercials for Burger King and Dr. Pepper replacing all cut-aways from the Clash with kitten videos.
Music by The Clash.