I’m an avid doodler. Some sketches become projects, others are part of projects on their own.

Sketches, 2013-2014

The beginnings of Inspector Scrambles! Drawing with a movie. Reflections on drawing. Trying to draw. Trying things out.

Sketches, 2012-2013

Doodles and sketches including a building-eating garbage-monster, a fish eating a taco, cat-icorns, a warrior tiger and my baby.
Some were intentional, some just happened. The most elaborate were created after asking my boyfriend, “What should I draw?”

Sketches, 2011-2012

Fragments of comics and monsters. The beginnings of Personal Demons.

Sketches of Monsters, 2011-2012

More monsters! This was around the time I was really starting to dig into the possibilities of horror for drawing. I was trying to run away from cute, but then I ended up with mostly cute monsters. Mostly.

Senior Year Sketches, 2010-2011

Doctor Who doodles. More and more cats. Some gushing about how beautiful deserts are from my winter in Arivaca, Arizona. A doodle of a monster that made me snort loudly with laughter on a plane.

Sketches in Found Book, 2009-2010

One day, I found a book on a park bench. I flipped through it and deemed it entirely nonsensical. From then on, I filled a spread of pages every day until it was full. The words obscured the majority of my nervous drawings, but as a whole, the sketchbook documents the roughest lonely months of my life including my time in the UK, Denmark and attempts at living in New York with no money and dwindling contacts.