In my art, I just do not stick to a particular style or medium at all times. I’ll try my hand at any medium I can get my hands on. I’ve worked with wood, paint, digital drawing, plastic cups, glitter: whatever. These are just my favorites from when I strayed from my more typical work.

Tardis Enclosed Bookcase, 2013

Built with my boyfriend, Rob, from wood cut in the store. Hand-painted by both of us. Now holds half of our combined comic collection.

1. A wordless comic. An abstracted story of David Wojnarowicz with no aging or details, 2012
2. Vectored Modigliani painting for assignment, 2011
3. 3D collage with cups, bits of old costumes and dirty discs, 2010
4-5. Broken garden cherub painted as Aladdin Sane album cover, 2010
6. Digital drawing of Atari joystick, 2010
7-8. Textured prints from Experimental Printmaking Course in London, 2010
9. Self-portrait, acrylic on wood, 2010
10. Max Scoville is a fucking lunatic, 2008