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USA - Supplement to Postcard for Bennington College

USA - Supplement to Postcard for Bennington College
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United States Map Highlighting Alum across the Country, marker, Winter 2014

Bennington Fund Postcard, Winter 2014

I was commissioned by Bennington College’s Fund to create materials for a campaign aimed at alum. The first illustration was printed and sent to Bennington College alum worldwide.

It shows the original primary building on campus where the majority of classes were held when the college was in its first the years as well as Bennington College’s new building opened in 2011. Next to these buildings, a campus map highlights collaboration all over the school.

The United States and World maps show actual alum across the United States and the world in their careers. These images were found through a link on the postcard. When the maps are viewed on Bennington College’s Flickr, descriptions of each alum with links to their work.

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