I’m one of those people who has been drawing forever, but I’ve never really stuck to a particular style. I’ve dabbled in cute, colorful, abstract, realistic, from life, from photos, horror, people, characters… and on and on.

The collection here shows a range of styles, concepts and media.

Bennington Fund Postcard, Winter 2014

I was commissioned by Bennington College’s Fund to create materials for a campaign aimed at alum. The first illustration was printed and sent to Bennington College alum worldwide.

It shows the original primary building on campus where the majority of classes were held when the college was in its first the years as well as Bennington College’s new building opened in 2011. Next to these buildings, a campus map highlights collaboration all over the school.

The United States and World maps show actual alum across the United States and the world in their careers. These images were found through a link on the postcard. When the maps are viewed on Bennington College’s Flickr, descriptions of each alum with links to their work.

Animals!, Spring 2013

Working off of a growing list of animals (fantastical and otherwise) from friends and more, I’ve begun a series of animal drawings. Each animal will ultimately be drawn in three styles: Realistic, Cartoon (black and white) and Cartoon (full color).

Peter Pan Character Studies, 2013

Watercolor and ink
A series of sketches of the classic characters. My studies are based primarily off the Disney versions, but also a variety of other sources such as the pop-up version of the story I had as a kid.

Various Drawings, 2008-2012

Self-portraits. Cats. A goofy dinosaur. Link stabbing Kirby (sorry, I was having a weird week). My house in college (Swan!). A drawing of a man that’s all about the chair. A water-color recreation of a page from Art Spiegelman’s Maus. My favorite stall in the art building (another weird week). A chair drawn in poetry about the 5 stages of life (birth, youth, growing-up, growing old and death). A coat with seed-wings. The Hearst Castle outdoor pool from above.

Portraits of Friends, Mentors, Family, Colleagues as Themselves and/or Monsters, 2012

Colored pencil, graphite
The portrait/monster portrait project was done in an effort to raise money to go the Adventure School for Ladies. After this effort, Kickstarter was a dream. It’s much easier to collect funds accurately and deliver on promises with a middle-service.
The subjects: my Aunt Heidi Chase and her crew of monsters, Lorraine and Ben as monsters and not, Zannah Marsh-monster, my cousin Sam Van Diest: Awesome & Wholesome, Park Montgomery, and Sur Rodney Sur-monster.

Personal Demons, 2011-2012

A graphic effort to excise those nagging awful thoughts that often overtook me. Each number was initially applied at random, but soon gathered intent. These demons were created in the first year I moved to New York.
Many of the demons are rough caricatures of the people troubling me, others were pulled from the ether.

Deep Red, Horror Drawings, Spring 2011

A series from my final semester at Bennington College. At the time, I was researching the films of Dario Argento. These figure drawings were saturated with the over-the-top aesthetics and exaggerated characters common in Argento’s films.