I love working in collage. I find it’s a great way to try out designs and break from the confines of pixels. Every few months, I bust out my organized piles of materials and get to work.

I’ve found cutting my materials into strips helps me pull away from trying to be too illustrative and allows for more abstract color and pattern play.

“Kitchen Collage,” 2013

First real collage project in ages. I had a frame and a location, my kitchen, so I created a collage to suit the color and environment. Materials include magazines, recycled paper and mod-podge.

Collage Course Projects, 2010

Collage projects from a Bennington College course.

The primary project here is a ring-bound collage book. Each page turned created a new spread of potential designs. The pages are composed of delicately connected segments of various kinds of paper from various sources. No one page obscures all previous pages completely.

The final two images in this collection are from two different projects. The first recreates a zoomed in image of cars in the SFO parking lot from Google Maps. The second is an abstraction made with pieces of the New York Times.