The Basics

I’m originally from Sonoma, California. After graduating from Bennington College in June 2011, I moved to New York City.



SPEAK UP: David Wojnarowicz: a role model for the unheard

SPEAK UP tells two very different stories at once: my story as I seek to find my voice as an artist and the story of David Wojnarowicz. For those who don’t know about him yet, David Wojnarowicz was a gay New York artist in the 80s and an activist at the height of the culture war and the AIDS pandemic. This was a time when those dying of AIDS were unfairly stigmatized and were at best ignored; at worst, hated. A time when art was to be censored as obscene. Instead of accepting the injustices heaved upon him, David fought. And it has encouraged me to fight. And I hope his story encourages others.
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Adventure School

I was an Adventurer with Anne Elizabeth Moore and the LadyDrawers’ program Adventure School for Ladies, with work (along with blood, sweat and tears) in the 2012 publication Hand Job: A Labor of Love.


Winter 2013: my comic “The Dumps” was shown in a Pitch & Rail’s PLEASE HOLD exhibition in Manhattan.
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Spring 2013: The first run of prints of SPEAK UP were a part of the LadyDrawer’s show SEX. MONEY. RACE. GENDER. in Chicago.
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Summer 2013: my comic “White Slavery” was in Spudnik Press’s show and zine Long-Arm Stapler First Aid in Chicago.
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